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Who we are

The winery was born with Claudio in 2020 with the cultivation of a small vineyard in the first hills of Casteggio. The restless character has always led him to search for a balance that he finds in the daily actions of maintenance of vineyard such as pruning and bind the vine shoots.

The simplicity and the naturalness are two fondamental tools that contribute to challenge the complicated tangle of thoughts. All of this is reflected on the way to cultivate the land.

Why Vite Spericolata?

Because it is fascinating to think how the vine can withstand increasingly unpredictable atmospheric agents, with only natural care.

To do this is very important respect the environment that surrounded us: One of the main purpose of the entreprise

The grapes harvested are totally organic. And the resulting wine is the red DOC Oltrepò, also oriented to international markets

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Respecting the environment

The Vite Spericolata company was born for cultivation, production of grapes and its  transformation into wine for sale.

The type of processing began in a conventional way on an extension of about 40 "Milanese" perches in which the BARBERA, CROATINA and UVA RARA varieties are present.

This is an old vineyard with a system in which there are still wooden poles in respect of the context in which it is located.

The company has introduced the certified organic cultivation method.

Our wine

Focus dei prodotti vino
Eremita di San Biagio

Eremita di San Biagio

Oltrepò Pavese red wine Eremita di San Biagio is the first born in the winery, characterized by the dominant presence of Barbera at 50%, along with Croatina at 25%, and Uva Rara at 25%.

It is aged for 10 months in stainless steel.

Produced from grapes sourced from a single vineyard, from which it takes its name.

It has a full and robust taste, with a gentle structure and a ruby color, enhancing a pleasant, slightly spicy aroma. It possesses great harmony and excellent balance, making it an ideal pairing for elaborately prepared meat dishes and medium-aged cheeses.